Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WoooooooHooooooo! Nearly 10kgs lost!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have been getting up at 6.30am to go for a 45 minute walk.....Which is not great considering it is coming into winter.....Also going to the gym in the avo and then for another 50 minute walk at about 7.30pm.....The only thing that keeps me going is the weight loss. It seems to be working. I still cook two meals, one for the family and one for me. Had a great time at the weekend with my mum. We stayed at Crown Casino for the night in Melbourne. Did lots of shopping and coffees. Although, I lashed out and bought a cake slice aswell. But we did lots of walking and I also went to the gym for an hour at the Casino. At this rate, i will have lost quite alot by the time I go to the States in 9 weeks

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am so proud of myself! I measured myself today and I have lost a total of 16cms off my entire body!!!! WOW
I also lost 1.2kgs this week and am very happy with that result. I'm about to go to the gym to burn off a 1000 calories. I was so close the other day, but didn't have time (had kids waiting for me), so today is the day! Wish me luck

Monday, March 29, 2010

Have struggled with eating today. I was really good this morning, when I got up at 6.30am for work. It was around 11 am that it started to kick in. I just wanted to EAT! After work finished at 1.30pm, I took Jenna and my little dog Ruben for a walk. I was thinking at least 1/2 hr, but it ended up being 1 1/2hrs! Gosh, we walked for miles. For the first time since I started all this walking about 7 weeks ago, my legs were aching. Anyway, I made pumpkin soup for tea, which was really nice. Afterwards, everyone was eating chocolate cake (that I made yesterday) and Lindt chocolate and I didnt' have either. Now, you may think that is amazing, but before you get too excited, I have just had a milo and a few WW choc biscuits. I couldn't hold out any longer! 10pm isn't too bad, I spose. One other thing.....I threw out some mints. Had them in the cupboard and now they are GONE!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lots of exercise today

The title says it all. At 8.30am, I walked to the supermarket (about 20 min) as well as going to the gym for 1 1/2hrs, then walked about 4 blocks back to my car. I was gone about 3 hours this morning. I burnt off about 1860 calories. I would really love to lose 2kgs this week. I also got my daughter, Jenna to take a photo of me with just my underwear on. Not a pretty site, I must say! I wished I had done it when I first started this

Friday, March 26, 2010

A loss

I have had a big loss this week....1.45kgs. I am so happy about that! I was yelling and carrying on. That feeling definitely out ways eating bad food. .4kg to go before Grant will buy me a Pandora charm. Can't wait

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have been working really hard on losing weight for the last month and a bit. Only to lose 2kgs. I know that it went on slowly, so it will come off slowly. But I can't wait for people to notice it and at the moment, I'm the only one.....I'm still Astley, Teagan, Jenna and Noel's fat mum! Grant still has a fat wife and until I have lost about 10kgs, no one will even notice how much hard work I put in.

I'm at the gym 4 days and sometimes 5 days a week. I walk for an hour 6 days a week and don't snack at all after tea time. I have muesli with yoghurt, blueberries, a couple of strawberries and half a banana for breakfast. But I have been a little sick of that lately and have now started having an egg on multigrain bread. Have been having salmon sandwiches, but they don't fill me up, so am going to go back to the ham and salad again.

My weigh in day is Friday and I hope to weigh under 101kgs. I have a treat planned for myself once I get under 100kgs, so am looking forward to that